Stop Hammer Time.

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In a galaxy far, far, away…… HAMMERTIME!

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Why are smart people so dumb?

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With all this genetic engineering going on would it be too much to ask for some grass that only grows two inches tall? Can someone explain to me why they can clone monkeys that glow in the dark, but can’t make a lawn that doesn’t need mowed? Does anyone care about glowing clone monkeys? If you do care about glowing clone monkeys, then you are one of the smart dumb people I am referring to. With all the worry about green house gases would it not make more sense to work on grass that doesn’t need mowed, or glowing clone monkeys? I mean sersly NO ONE CARES ABOUT GLOWING CLONE MONKEYS!

Pics of the Cricket.

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That’s the name of my car. “Cricket”. Why Cricket? Funny you should ask. I work with a guy from India who is a Cricket fan. Not the bugs, but the sport. You have a question about Cricket, you ask Kalpesh. Have you ever heard of a “home run”? Well, in Cricket there is a similar event called “Taking you for a six”. We were talking about the car the other day and he asked if I have “taken anyone for a six” with the car, meaning beat them in a race… I hadn’t, but the topic turned to everything on or about the car that led to six.

It has a “six” cylinder engine, It has a “six” speed trans, It has “six” windows, top speed 14″6″, speedometer goes to 1″6″0, Its a 2004 which if you add the numerals 2+0+0+4=”6″, The radio has “six” presets, It is a GTI VR”6″, If you add up GTI VR6 it equals “six”, It has a 24 valve engine and 2+4=”6″. The car has a CD changer, a “6” disc changer.

So the car had to be named Cricket. If you see me at the track, be prepared to be taken for a six…





Mo’ Dubs, Mo’ Bettah.

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I picked up a 2004 Volkswagen GTI VR6 yesterday. I had a guy named Gary at GRS Motorwerks here in Warsaw find it for me. This is the second car we have purchased from Gary, and probably not the last. He has really nice high end low mileage cars for a very fair price.

I volunteered to ride along to Chicago and pick up my new (to me) car. What better way to get to know your car than jumping in and driving through Chicago?

The car is faster than I expected. It will still accelerate in sixth gear at 80MPH.  I will get pics up as soon as it gets detailed and is shiny. Right now I just can’t stop driving it…

My fast whispers to me.

My fast whispers to me.

It’s my Birthday!

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I am almost old, but stop…. Hammer time!

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Quick everyone run around in circles and scream! One of two things are currently happening. One, we are heading down the road that ends with “Trash can man” and a nuke. Or two, we are once again being whipped into a frenzy by the panic mongering media.

Let’s explore scenario one. The flu will spread all over the world as amazing speed, 98% of the population will die, people that are left will flock to a crazy old lady or a scary dude, Que “trash can man” and a nuke, game over.

Now let’s have a look at scenario two. From as far back as I can remember the media has truly enjoyed hyping the mundane to create interest in their mostly boring daily lives. Lets reminisce with some of the most ridiculous things I can recall.

1: Killer bees. Remember when we all died from the Killer bee invasion?

2: Child abductions. Remember when everyone in America had their children stolen by freaks in old vans?

3: Shark attacks. Remember when everyone within 100 feet of any ocean was eaten by a shark?

4: SARS virus. Remember when everyone died from the SARS virus?

5: Bird flu. Remember when the entire human population died from the Bird flu?

6: Swine flu. Remember when everyone died after the “trash can man” showed up with a nuke?

On one hand I am a little worried about this. People are dieing from the swine flu, but on the other I am getting really sick of the media screaming “WOLF!” and expecting me to take them seriously… they are almost always wrong.

Does anything NOT cause global warming? ANYTHING?

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Here is a short list of things that I have seen in the news that someone has determined causes global warming.

1. Cars

2. Cows farting.

3. Mowing my lawn.

4. Bottled water.

5. Spam E-mail.

6. Fat people.

7. Making solar panels.

8. Appliances.

9. Power plants.

10. Volcanoes.

11. Humans in general.

12. Eating food.

13. Toilet paper.

14. Making bumper stickers about global warming.

15. Drowning polar bears.

16. Printing e-mails.

17. Sending e-mails.

18. Reading blogs.

19. Searching for ways to stop global warming on the internet.

20. Al Gore.

Sersly… Is there anything on God’s green Earth that doesn’t cause global warming? I smell an agenda.