Walk a mile in “MY” shoes.

We have some rules in our marriage. Right up near the top of the list is “Never allow Shawn to buy shoes all by himself.” Every now and then like an albino tiger, things fall into place and rules are bent… We were at Steve and Barrys looking for some clothes for the kids. Now Steve and Barrys is a really good place to buy clothes cause of the cheapness. NBC news told us we were barely able to survive and would probably lose our home at any minute so we weren’t taking any chances.

Becky made a fatal error and went off looking at houndshooth jackets leaving me alone in the shoe department with the boys. I happened to find a really nice pair of shoes with fake patent leather in the eye popping colors of safety orange and electric blue. They are part of the line of clothing by NBA star Stephon Marbury. He feels that kids shouldn’t have to spend $150 to buy shoes made in a third world country just so they can be cool. So for only about $15 you can be almost as cool as me. (or an NBA star if that’s how you want to look at it.)

I wear these wicked kicks walking in my hood…

Party like a rock star.

Party like a rock star.

I wear them when I visit with Jesus.

Was that a camera flash, or an Angel?

Was that a camera flash, or an Angel?

And sometimes I even wear them when I get sleepy and need some fuel.

Carpet makes me dizzy...

Carpet makes me dizzy...

I have decided to take pictures of my infinitely cool shoes in infinitely cool locations. This is but the beginning.


5 Responses to “Walk a mile in “MY” shoes.”

  1. what about when you’re cleaning the bathroom? do you wear them when you’re cleaning the bathroom?

    also, if the purchase of your “cool” new shoes inspires my husband to purchase such shoes, you will both be admiring them while he lays in his sleeping bag that is next to the bed that you share with your wicked cool wife.

    red rake.

    peace and love,
    the queen

  2. bfrench2008 Says:

    red rake….i am not sure if i will be able to continue our friendship if the above occurs. i will need to break out my sporks! ha!

    Pulbic: i am truly sorry to the rest of the public that i slipped and let my guard down and this phenomenon occurred. i will call on chuck norris to tame the albino tiger!!!

    and….the carpet is not what makes me dizzy, it’s the shoe color! anyone up for bowling?

  3. thrownhammer Says:

    Red Rake,

    Cleaning bathrooms is woman’s work. Just because you guys have like 17 people living in the same house doesn’t mean you can start sending your awesome shoe wearing refugees our way…

  4. Those shoes are so freakin cool. How much would you sell them for? I love basketball and I would be so much faster with them on my feet.

  5. jasonknepp Says:

    Wow, I wanna see all the places pics will turn up of these shoes. If you scroll down far enought they are on my site at http://www.jasonknepp.wordpress.com

    I mean think about it, if he is willing to take a pic in church while the pastor is in the middle of his very serious sermon… just think where this could go….

    I will make the first “dare you to take a pic of your shoe by…” Beckys head while she is sleeping. No pose shots.

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