Does anything NOT cause global warming? ANYTHING?

Here is a short list of things that I have seen in the news that someone has determined causes global warming.

1. Cars

2. Cows farting.

3. Mowing my lawn.

4. Bottled water.

5. Spam E-mail.

6. Fat people.

7. Making solar panels.

8. Appliances.

9. Power plants.

10. Volcanoes.

11. Humans in general.

12. Eating food.

13. Toilet paper.

14. Making bumper stickers about global warming.

15. Drowning polar bears.

16. Printing e-mails.

17. Sending e-mails.

18. Reading blogs.

19. Searching for ways to stop global warming on the internet.

20. Al Gore.

Sersly… Is there anything on God’s green Earth that doesn’t cause global warming? I smell an agenda.


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