About this Thrown Hammer guy…

Okay, you got me. My actual given name is NOT Thrown Hammer. My real name is Shawn French. I have molted from a long hair skinny rocker into a “stout” bald rocker.

I get alot of people asking what “Thrown Hammer” is supposed to mean. Most people think it is my ninja weapon of choice, or that I throw temper tantrums in the garage. These are both wrong. I prefer smoke bombs and I have a punching bag in the garage for my tantrums.

The actual meaning of Thrown Hammer is long ago I used to take a certain old German rear engined air-cooled car the the race track. Not a drag strip, or an oval, but a REAL race track. That’s right, a proper road course with turns that go BOTH left AND right. Anyway, with a rear engined car when you lose traction in a turn you need to do the opposite of what you think, and give it MORE GAS! If you don’t, and lift from the gas you will fly off the track like a “Thrown Hammer”. That is where it came from.

Here’s some more Kuhhhhrazy info about me. I belive in Jesus. I know! I said it was crazy, well actually I said Kuhhhhrazy. They mean the same thing, just one involves waving your arms wildly and making your eyes get really big.

I always had this vision that Christians would shove religion down your throat at every oppurtunity, Show up on your porch with white shirts and backpacks, constantly remind you that you were going to hell and they were better than you. And while those people do exist that isn’t what it is about. A guy named Stevan Sheets showed me you can be out of your mind and still go to heaven. How cool is that?

I promise not to shove a Bible in your mouth, ride my bike to your house in a suit with a backpack on, and I am not better than you, but I can make a Nerf football sing. Believe it.


2 Responses to “About this Thrown Hammer guy…”

  1. bfrench2008 Says:

    Love your coolness! 🙂 we are gonna get the cheeky monkey!

  2. “A guy named Stevan Sheets showed me you can be out of your mind and still go to heaven.”
    Wow. Wow. Wow.

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