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Fake skydiving inside of an airplane.

Posted in Crazy stuff I want other people to try. with tags , , , , on December 12, 2008 by thrownhammer

I was just sitting here thinking about those fake skydiving places, and I got distracted by my own brain. What if you put a fake skydiving thing inside of an actual airplane? I wonder if the fan would cause the plane to rotate about it’s axis? When you turned on the fake skydiving fan would you have to speed up the propellers on one side of the plane to compensate? When you cross the equator would all the fake skydivers fall to the ground? What better place to learn to skydive than in an actual plane. I mean if the plane was going down I would Rather be in the middle of a fake skydiving class than learning how to crochet or make swans out of left over food and aluminum foil like those guys at fancy resturants. I guess if you were fake skydiving and the plane went into a dive as the fake skydiving fan shut off, and you just kept skydiving that would feel weird…


Sick of waiting for life on other planets?

Posted in Crazy stuff I want other people to try. with tags , , , , on October 21, 2008 by thrownhammer

I watch alot of the Science Channel. I mean ALOT of the Science Channel. All this physics and string theory got me thinking. Probably half the shows are about life on other planets, and half are about quantum physics. I don’t want to confuse all the small people with quantum physics so we will discuss life on other planets. I have learned thru much intense research (which in no way resembles sitting on a couch and gawking at a television) that there are life forms on this planet that are almost indestructible.

I came up with an idea, since this stuff apparently takes billions of years to work itself thru the kinks. (or seven days depending on which book you read) Why don’t we just load some sea bears on a Mars rover and send them to Mars? I mean W said we were going to Mars soon. If we could just send some sea bears up there we could put life on another planet instead of bebopping all over the place trying to find it. It’s like taking a test but knowing the answers in advance. Some would say that is anticlimactic, but they probably never put cheat codes in DOOM either.

I just realized some of you are thinking I mean sea bears from Spongebob Squarepants. That would be insane. Those things are crazy mean. How would you even get one on a Mars Rover? Especially if you wear a sombrero in a goofy fashion…

Now seriously folks. I am talking about these sea bears. They can live like anywhere! I say to heck with waiting. Let’s put some stuff up there and see if it sticks. We need to drive this bus, not sit in the back and wonder why no one is driving the bus and everyone else is screaming.

More ways to destroy the economy.

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Okay who is sick of all the junk mail you get? I have found the most annoying junk usually comes with a return envelope.

Here is something to think about. The postage for that return envelope is always paid by the company sending you junk you never asked for. What if everyone in America sent the envelope back empty? That would hurt them junk mailers pretty good right?

Imagine if you tore up all the papers they sent and sent those back. That would be even better!

How about putting something smelly in the envelope? Hey let’s all send fish skin!

I wonder what would happen if everyone in America filled the envelope with washers? Imagine if they sent junk to one million people and we all sent the envelopes back? That would cost those punks at least a million dollars just in postage. How many people do they pay wages and benefits to that would have to open those envelopes?

Something to think about?

Talk to no one?

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You know what I can’t stand? People that insist on talking on a cell phone in a rester.. resturan…. Place I am eating. Here is a great idea. Next time someone starts blabbing loudly while you are trying to eat, start answering them like you are talking to them. If they get annoyed that’s okay because then you are on the same page.

Or how about just press your ear like maybe you have one of those ear tooth things and start your own loud obnoxious conversation about stocks or your lake house. Just get progressively louder until they ask you to pipe down a little, then cover your ear and say “excuse me I am on the phone”. Then take your hand off your ear and continue your obnoxious conversation with your fake imaginary jerk friend.

I am always thinking…

Posted in Crazy stuff I want other people to try. with tags , , , , on September 26, 2008 by thrownhammer

I can’t help but wonder. I know that cutting sandpaper will sharpen your scissors. What about running over a big pile of sandpaper with your lawn mower? Maybe you wouldn’t have to take the blade off anymore. Think of the time you could save. What could possibly go wrong? I wonder what grit would be best? I know 220 grit works pretty good on scissors, but a lawn mower moves faster than scissors. As hard as I try my lawn mower is alot faster than my scissors. Also it spins instead of “chopping”. These are things you have to think about. At first it seems pretty simple. Just run over a pile of sandpaper and tuh-duh! You have a sharp lawn mower. But there are alot of variables you guys are going to have to figure out.