Pirates must be stopped!

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I brought this up quite awhile ago. Now that they were brazen enough to attack a ship flying the US Flag I think they got a taste of what we can do to little weak drugged up Pirates. Now is the time to send a clear message to these scallywags! The last thing we want is for Obama to say something that isn’t on a teleprompter… Special Olympics anyone? So I have prepared the following statement for our Commander in Chief.

Pirates. We are the United States of America. Make no mistake, we have the means to crush you. We have been to Somalia before. You were smited nearly a thousand to one by our Elite Special Forces after shooting down our Black Hawk helicopters. Shawn French feels this was captured to perfection in the feature film Black Hawk Down. I the President of these United States am signing into law these “Rules of Pirate Engagement” Or R.O.P.E. as it is known in the acronym crazy U.S. Navy.

1) If you encroach within 500 yards of a ship flying the Stars and Stripes, we will kill you.

2) Actually if you get within 500 yards of any ship, we will kill you.

3) If you tell anyone to walk the plank, we will kill you.

4) If you have a parrot, we will kill you.

5) If you go to the beach and put even a toe in the water, we will kill you.

6) If you have an eye patch and we think you are drinking too much water, we will kill you.

7) If we feel you are saying the consonant “R” too much, we will kill you.

8 ) If you have a Jolly Roger T-shirt, we will kill you.

9) If you eat limes on a regular basis, we will kill you.

10) If you even THINK about shooting down a Black Hawk helicopter, we will kill you.


That’s not a cup holder, it’s a Rain Gage!

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Yesterday was one of those days that seems funny at a later date. It isn’t quite funny yet. Work was interesting to say the least. I can’t get into the details because of the incredibly sensitive nature of my job. Suffice to say it is in line with the remainder of this story.

I realized my drivers license has been expired for nine months. So I spent my lunch hour at the friendly neighborhood BMV. Did you know if you are over six months late you have to take the written exam? Did you also know if you have a motorcycle endorsement you have to take that written exam? Were you also aware that whoever wrote those exams doesn’t actually drive, or has ever sat on a motorcycle? Four out of twenty five questions on the motorcycle exam were about drinking alcohol. I guess bikers are drunks…

After work I needed to go to my second favorite place on Earth… The Dentist. Oh by the way the top was down on the Jeep and the doors were at home, and it was having a wicked thunderstorm. I had hail in my cup holders. Cold rain hitting you at 40 MPH when it is 45 degrees outside is uncomfortable. By the time I came out of the dentist office there was about a 1/2″ of water in my cup holders. Care to guess how much water was in my seat cushions? Cold cold water…

Helping just because.

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We have had massive flooding here in Warsaw Indiana over the last couple days. it looks like the waters are still going up for at least a couple days. After work My wife and I stopped at the local sandbagging station to help fill sand bags. We met a couple guys who were filling bags and putting them on a trailer. Their names were Dominic and Sam. They were kind of surprised we were there to fill sand bags since we didn’t need any. I think they thanked us ten times. We filled probably 30 to 50 bags, tied them, and loaded them on the trailer.

If you are sitting around reading this blog post, and are within driving distance of Warsaw, get in your car and come help these people out. The sand bag station is at the Embarq building. It is on West Center Street but you can’t get there by driving through town. You guessed it, West Center Street is closed due to flooding. You can get there by heading West on old 30 and turning left at the Time Out Inn, then left again at Zimmer.

Black Hawk Down… No One Gets Left Behind.

Prepare for The Spider Monkey 2001

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My 7 and a half year old son has started his own blog. Click over on my blogroll to get there, or click SPIDER MONKEY 2001 to get there. He has some awesome dance moves, funny jokes, and some other stuff coming up that will blow you away. Everything on his blog is written by him. I only help with spelling if he asks me to. Although he is intrigued by this thing we call “spell check”. His first day has already gotten over 100 hits. Drop by and check it out. Be sure to leave a comment as he loves to read them.


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Over the last couple of months I have noticed something. In our downstairs bathroom there are always two ants wandering around. They are the little black ones. Not Army Ants, or Fire Ants, just little harmless ants. I always smash them because I really like Godzilla movies. I have been thinking though… There are always two ants, always on the same room of the house. I have been assuming there were always two new ants in that room, but could it be something far more sinister?

Perhaps…. ZOMBIE ANTS!!! Undead zombie ants are roaming unabated in our house. This has to be stopped. What if my kids are brushing their teeth and the little Zombie Ants are crawling around squeaking…”brains”? I am not sure how they would do any damage, but the thought sends chills down my spine.

Happy Valentines Day Baby. You are so huge.

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Happy Valentines Day Baby. You are so huge!

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Movie Review: Fireproof.

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Oh boy… I was drug into this one kicking and screaming. I REALLY didn’t want to see this movie. Not my style. Although I was pretty sure at one point there was gonna be an axe murder. Basically it was about a couple on the end of thier rope. He was a firefighter so alot of “never leave your partner” stuff kept coming up, yet at home he was ready to do just that.

I have to admit, it was really pretty good, not Black Hawk Down good, but good none the less. It was a Christian movie and the point being “You can’t do it alone”. This is pretty true at least from my point of view. This guy tried everything to get his wife to stay but nothing worked, he couldn’t understand why if he showed her how much he loved her she kept rejecting him and pretty much spiting in his face. Until his Father showed him the parralels between his marriage and Jesus. Good stuff.

The one scene where he is on the internet looking at a boat and a pop up shows up asking him if he wants to see more is pretty strong. Most people have pop up blockers these days, but that junk permeates everything anymore.

I visit alot of websites about video games and cars/Jeeps mainly. I have had to resort to shutting off all pictures on the websites because of all the junk that shows up even on sites that should be about cars and killing aliens and stuff.

Try to watch TV some night without seeing some hot girl in a bikini making out with some hot guy so she can marry him, or a show about married women that think the only way to happiness is to lie, cheat and be in their undies. I have pretty much stopped watching TV.

There was a time in my life I would go looking for that junk, then I would not go looking for it but tolerate it, now it just irritates me. It’s funny how that works when you follow Christ. I used to cuss like a sailor, then I toned it down, now it’s like nails on a chalkboard.

There was also alot of comedy in the movie. The guy in the mirror having alone time is hilarious. Or the hot sauce contest is pretty good to. Whenever the husband goes out to take out his frustrations the old neighbor is always there to witness just how silly it is to beat your trash can senseless.

I told everyone I would give an honest review, and I have. It was actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I honestly cried more in Black Hawk Down…