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Quick everyone run around in circles and scream! One of two things are currently happening. One, we are heading down the road that ends with “Trash can man” and a nuke. Or two, we are once again being whipped into a frenzy by the panic mongering media.

Let’s explore scenario one. The flu will spread all over the world as amazing speed, 98% of the population will die, people that are left will flock to a crazy old lady or a scary dude, Que “trash can man” and a nuke, game over.

Now let’s have a look at scenario two. From as far back as I can remember the media has truly enjoyed hyping the mundane to create interest in their mostly boring daily lives. Lets reminisce with some of the most ridiculous things I can recall.

1: Killer bees. Remember when we all died from the Killer bee invasion?

2: Child abductions. Remember when everyone in America had their children stolen by freaks in old vans?

3: Shark attacks. Remember when everyone within 100 feet of any ocean was eaten by a shark?

4: SARS virus. Remember when everyone died from the SARS virus?

5: Bird flu. Remember when the entire human population died from the Bird flu?

6: Swine flu. Remember when everyone died after the “trash can man” showed up with a nuke?

On one hand I am a little worried about this. People are dieing from the swine flu, but on the other I am getting really sick of the media screaming “WOLF!” and expecting me to take them seriously… they are almost always wrong.