Pics of the Cricket.

That’s the name of my car. “Cricket”. Why Cricket? Funny you should ask. I work with a guy from India who is a Cricket fan. Not the bugs, but the sport. You have a question about Cricket, you ask Kalpesh. Have you ever heard of a “home run”? Well, in Cricket there is a similar event called “Taking you for a six”. We were talking about the car the other day and he asked if I have “taken anyone for a six” with the car, meaning beat them in a race… I hadn’t, but the topic turned to everything on or about the car that led to six.

It has a “six” cylinder engine, It has a “six” speed trans, It has “six” windows, top speed 14″6″, speedometer goes to 1″6″0, Its a 2004 which if you add the numerals 2+0+0+4=”6″, The radio has “six” presets, It is a GTI VR”6″, If you add up GTI VR6 it equals “six”, It has a 24 valve engine and 2+4=”6″. The car has a CD changer, a “6” disc changer.

So the car had to be named Cricket. If you see me at the track, be prepared to be taken for a six…






One Response to “Pics of the Cricket.”

  1. 33rd-DEMON Says:

    i thought those were for rally racing?

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